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What do you need yo have your own fitness center?

You’re well on your way to starting your fitness center– you have actually located the ideal area and also the room is reviving. However, a crucial element is to establish the health and fitness tools that are ideal for your gym. Here are some ideas in order to help you select the type of equipment you need to furnish your center.

Analyse Your Space

The very first step is to evaluate the space you will need to work with. A health club isn’t just a square space with rows after rows of tools. Instead, there are locker spaces, shower rooms, lobbies, offices, group physical fitness rooms, workshops and so forth that end up taking up a great deal of space.

An excellent figure to bear in mind when considering your area is a 60/40 regulation. A 2009 IHRSA record evaluated that 60% of your health club’s space will certainly be areas of strength and also cardio equipment. The remaining 40% will certainly be made use of for the various other areas. If you’re opening a franchised gym, your corporate business will certainly have specifics on just how much space is called for per function.

Visualise The Areas

By this factor, you have actually possibly walked into the vacant areas of your facility as well as envisioned how each area is going to be laid out. But now that it’s time to really load those areas, you should make use of any type of available sources and also seek the help of specialists.

The Precor Area Organizer can help you precisely load your room. With this planner, you could produce a design by entering your facility’s approximate dimensions as well as browse through the range of Precor stamina and cardio tools to discover the most reliable layout for your fitness center.

Pick Your Mix

The IHRSA research also assists you out in identifying which type of equipment you should provide. They state that in fitness-only fitness centers space tends to be split up between 3 major locations– strength tools (47% of the space), cardio machines (33%), and team exercise space (20%).

Franchised gyms tend to have a little bit more uniqueness constructed into their facility’s design from their business partner. Franchisors have regulations that specify just how much space is needed for cardio makers, stamina equipment and also group exercise locations.

Decide Whether to Network

Networked fitness is expanding in popularity as well as the Precor Preva networked physical fitness innovation is at the leading edge of the activity. Providing your health club participants this innovation not just boosts their exercise experience, however, will additionally profit you as the driver. You could monitor equipment functionality while your members can track their exercises.

Supplying your exercises with the Preva modern technology will certainly urge them to go on track with their fitness journey as well as encourage them to continue involving your center.

Establish the Rate

You cannot think about physical fitness equipment without thinking about the rate. You as well as your gym will certainly have one-of-a-kind demands and also you’ll have to identify whether leasing physical fitness tools or getting it outright is the very best option for your situation.

Leasing tools will certainly offer you with versatility in the types of equipment you provide and permit you to ‘upgrade’ to brand-new equipment every couple of years. Yet purchasing tools makes the equipment a possession as well as implies you can offer it when you make a decision to do so. When making this big economic decision, it’s finest to speak with a sales associate and a tax obligation consultant to supply insight right into which option is best for your gym.

Consider the Upkeep

Regardless of whether you lease or acquire your equipment, it will be a large financial investment and also you want to see to it will last as long as possible. This means investigating maintenance strategies and also warranty choices.

The majority of fitness center devices suppliers do supply warranty packages that cover substitute parts as well as service specialists. Make certain to ask your sales associate for choices.


workout corset

How to Recover the Figure After Childbirth

best waist trainerMaternity is one of the happiest moments of our life as a woman, bringing a being into the world is to know true love. Our child becomes the most important person, more important than ourselves.

But when we finish this process of gestation we realize that our health and body have changed, it is something that we should not neglect because it will bring us consequences.

That’s why we give you some tips to consider when taking care of your body during and after childbirth.


1. Food:

It is very important for you to understand that eating during pregnancy is not for two people as many people believe, that although for many women pregnancy generates many cravings regardless of calories and how healthy the food you eat, we must keep in mind and think about the health of both our baby and ourselves when we are in the process of gestation.

Feeling craving ice cream, chocolates, among other options that are not as beneficial for your body, you should know how to control and replace them with fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and manage to remove anxiety.

If you take into account this recommendation, it will not be so difficult for you to recover your figure in the postpartum period, and you can also acquire a habit to continue taking care of yourself.

2. Exercise:

An extremely important topic during and especially after childbirth is exercise, no matter the type of exercise, the important thing is to move your body.

Performing yoga, jogging, jogging, dancing, walking or stretching exercises don’t have to be very strenuous exercises because your body is still a little weak and making a lot of effort could affect your health.

You should check with your doctor as to what type of exercise is best for you and when you can start doing it according to your health and needs.

3. The use of Waist Trainer

Experts recommend the use of maternal girdle as a support for the belly and avoid back pain in pregnancy, the waist cincher is very appreciated by women in the process of breastfeeding to recover their figure.

There are many tips of girdles for women, one of them is the surgical girdles recommended for these cases, the waist trainer and the reducing girdles.

To use the girdle after childbirth, we give you the following recommendations:

Girders can be worn the next day after delivery, there is no problem, but medical advice is recommended to indicate the use of the girdle.

When the birth is by cesarean section, the brooch modelling girdle is the most recommended, since it avoids hurting the wounds of the caesarean section, as it could occur with closure, while a natural birth could use any type of girdle, taking into account that this should be with hypoallergenic fabrics and that they meet the objective of controlling or molding the abdomen, besides it is very useful that they are sashes with snaps so that the person can adjust to The choice of the reducer girdle goes with every taste and need of the mother.

Ideal is the complete shorts, Capri, or half leg, where you can shape most of your body.

It is very important to take into account the size to choose, if after your birth you have several kilos of extra weight, you must choose the size you have at the time, taking as a reference the size of trousers, and what we recommend you to adjust the brooches.

The constant use of the modeling girdle and follow these recommendations, you will be able to achieve your goal of losing weight and recovering your figure more quickly.

4. The Skin

During pregnancy, the skin looks bright and radiant due to the amount of estrogen produced during this period of time.

After pregnancy, when expelling the placenta, the hormones are lost, and the skin becomes more dry and flaccid, so it is important to take a multivitamin and drink a lot of water, and moisturize the skin with creams and gels that help this process.

The abdomen and hips are flaccid, stretch marks or cellulite, so it is important to use products that help reduce these inconveniences, such as anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite cream, will help reduce orange peel and a little flaccidity in your skin.

how to control triglycerides

How to control your high triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a type of fat that mostly derived from animal foods. The recommended level of triglycerides is 150 mg / dL maximum, knowing that starting at 200 mg / dL doctors start to consider this a health problem. Too high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood can depend on your original situation, put your health at stake in a more or less severe way. The best way to improve your triglycerides is undoubted to change your eating habits and follow a healthy diet. There are several ways to remedy this problem, but the most important thing to remember is that you must do everything you can to lower your triglycerides to stay healthy. That’s why today, we offer some tips to regulate your triglyceride levels naturally.

how to control triglycerides

What are the causes of high triglycerides?

The main cause of excess triglycerides is overweight. In general, triglycerides are produced by the dietary fats that the body absorbs during different meals. They are preserved partly in adipose tissue. When a significant amount of fast sugar absorbed, the rapid liver damage recorded. An increase in weight is then noticed, then the body starts to produce new triglycerides. In this case, the elevation of triglyceride levels in the blood is inevitable. Thus, increased consumption of sweet food favors the production of triglycerides. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also a trigger for overproduction of triglycerides. In rare cases, the excess can be caused by a genetic predisposition. Diabetes and hypertension are also fairly common causes of excess triglycerides in the blood.

Some tips to reduce your triglycerides

To do this, simply increase your fiber intake by adding whole grain cereals or oats to your diet so that their fiber absorbs fat. Also, some vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, as well as some fruits such as apple or orange can also be good allies in your food rebalancing.

Reduce or eliminate bread, pasta, savory snacks, pastries, fried foods and alcohol that, in addition to providing no nutritional benefit to your health, tend to increase your lipid the blood. You can change these foods to full grain products, which is much more beneficial to your health.

To reduce your fat intake, it is also recommended cooking with grilling, barbecue or grill; steam can also be a good solution to cook your food without fat. You can also, and it is ideal, eat your raw food! In any case, avoid dishes in sauce, fried, as well as prepared dishes, breaded, or frozen. Finally, always remove fat from the meat and skin of the chicken.
Alcohol, for cases of high triglycerides, is not recommended unless it is a single glass of red wine consumed during the meal which will be beneficial to your cardiovascular. Likewise, if you smoke, try to stop this dangerous habit of bringing about radical and beneficial changes to your body’s condition in general.

From a dietary and nutritional point of view, it would also be wise to consult a nutritionist so that he can best advise you on creating a balanced diet that suits your health, especially if you suffer from overweight or obesity. But in the meantime, be sure to eat smaller portions and do not fill your plates, avoid snacking before going to bed, and prefer to snack healthy and balanced snacks between meals.

Moderate sports practice is an essential part of your triglyceride regulation process. You can start with walking three times a week, and progress over time by increasing the intensity of the exercises by your current physical condition. Only 20 or 30 minutes are enough, but do not forget to vary the physical activities that can be real sports like dancing, cycling or even the exercise bike; or everyday activities like climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, cleaning your house, mowing the lawn, washing the car, etc.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is required for a healthy diet

The importance of Omega 3 fatty acids for preventing cardiovascular diseases

Nutritionists consider Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids to be “essential” fats and for a good reason. The human body needs them to properly function in almost every aspect, from producing healthy brain cells to maintaining and reassuring proper function of the nerves. Our body cannot produce these fatty acids alone and the only source of them is from our food.

These polyunsaturated fats are important for another reason. There has been increasing evidence that they help to reduce heart diseases. Some studies suggest that these fats can also prevent type 2-diabetes, Alzheimer and other diseases that are associated with cerebral deterioration caused from aging.

Omega 6 is normally considered to be a linoleic acid that is found in vegetable oils such as corn oil, soy oil and sunflower oil; also it is abundant in dried nuts and seeds. The American Heart Association recommends that around 5% to 10% of our daily calories come from fatty acids such as Omega 6.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is required for a healthy diet

Omega 3 is primarily found in fatty fishes such as salmon, mackerel and tuna; also it is abundantly found in walnuts and flax seeds but in smaller quantities than the latter.

Scientists are still discussing the optimal amount of fats, including how much Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is required for a healthy diet. But for now, there are some simple dietary changes the majority of us can make in order to benefit our health.

Switch butter and cream for unsaturated fats

Saturated fats are often from animal origin and are one of the main reasons for high cholesterol LDL levels as this type of cholesterol blocks our arteries. Unsaturated fats are mostly vegetable oils, dried nuts and fish; all of these foods can help us reduce our cholesterol levels.

Some simple examples to eat healthier:

  • Sauté your meats and vegetables in canola or another vegetable oil instead of butter.
  • Use an olive oil mister to spray oil onto your salads instead of pouring it on.
  • Soak your bread in olive oil instead of smearing butter on your bread.
  • When preparing sauces that normal have cream, try replacing it with low-calorie yogurt.
  • Add nuts to your daily menu.

Dried nuts are abundant in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is why they have successfully helped many avoid heart diseases. In 4 different studies conducted in 2010, the investigators found that by eating a small portion of nuts weekly, the risk of dying by coronary diseases was reduced by a surprising 8.3%.

Eat fish for your health

Fish is rich in both types of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DPA). There is growing evidence that proves that both of these types of acids are important in reducing swelling and reducing risks of heart diseases. In fact, some researchers believe that measuring the omega 3 levels in the blood can help to predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the individual.

concentrate on more important matters such as those around you

4 ways to stop stress from affecting your diet

Losing weight can be like riding a roller coaster for many people, especially during their adult years and even before that for some. There is so much stress on our body image these days, that many individuals take so-called healthy measures to turn their bodies into what is perceived as healthy or “ideal”, but they only end up damaging their bodies along with their self-esteem.

Here is a list of four simple ways that will help you to stop stress from affecting your diet and allow you to start enjoying your life.

concentrate on more important matters such as those around you

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

It is easy to flip though a magazine at the store and look at one beautiful celebrity’s body after another. They are so lean, sculpted and every picture of them shows an apparently perfect radiant smile. What you don’t see behind that smile is the pain and hours of hard work that is required day after day to look that good. It is ridiculous to compare yourself with someone who is paid big bucks to look that good and their only job is to look glamorous all the time. Instead of concentrating on the perfect celebrities we see in media, concentrate on more important matters such as those around you, who mean so much to you.

2. Take your time

After taking the time to meditate on the people and things in your life that really matter, take matters into your own hands. Take the time to visit dear friends and family members that you have been too busy to spend time with. Make time to appreciate where you live and go explore new places nearby. This is the perfect time to take some time for you alone and put your weight loss problems aside. Start a new habit or go see that new chic-flic that you have been dying to see. When you focus on those around you or new activities, you will appreciate yourself more.

3. Splurge on some new clothes

If you have been wearing the same old pair of jeans for that last two years, always putting off buying a new pair because you are waiting to lose another ten pounds and all you have now is a pair of badly fitting jeans. Tight fitting jeans give your self-esteem a boost and make you feel your best. Spending money, whatever the cost on a pair of good quality jeans will leave you feeling sexy. While you are shopping, make sure to pick up some blouses or shirts that make you feel beautiful or saucy.

4. Reunite with yourself

When you are unhappy with yourself and your body, take the time to meditate on all of the things you like about yourself. If you always have liked your eyes, then pick up some new makeup at the store or try a new makeup technique. Do you have beautiful lips? Then pick up a new lip-gloss. The key is doing something that you wouldn’t normally do for yourself.

Even if you consider that being skinny is the most important thing, the truth is that confidence plays a more important factor in your life. By following these four simple suggestions for stopping stress from sabotaging your diet, you will feel more confident and valued.

t uses electric muscle stimulation technology

How to get a washboard abs without having functioning out

We all know that a 6-pack is due to paying hours at the gymnasium. But what if you do not have time to spend at the gymnasium every week or due to the fact of an overall health situation or conditions, you are unable to exercise.

Getting washboard abs may possibly nonetheless be inside of your attain. Just due to the fact you can’t do formal workouts isn’t going to mean you have to turn into a coach potato or devouring everything in sight. It indicates taking manage of your diet program and employing a new device known as the Abs Stimulator.

Say adios to carbs

Carbs aren’t exactly your enemy, but they can interfere with you reaching your 6-pack targets, especially if you are not sweating it out at the gymnasium. The well-known Journal of Nutrition published a examine that showed a diet program based on less than 40% of the caloric consumption coming from good carbs led to more unwanted fat loss when compared to a diet program based or more 55% of the caloric consumption coming from carbs in standard.

If you have difficulty calculating how several carbs you eat every day, you can download a free app for your mobile phone that permits creating in everything you eat throughout the day, and so on.

Meal preparing is essential to avoid overeating or consuming food items that will go immediately to your stomach. Strategy meals that have green leafy veggies and lean proteins this kind of as skinless chicken, fish and tenderloin. Lower back your consumption of essentially something that is white this kind of as flours, pastas and potatoes. Cereals, canned goods, processed food items and soda, contains empty calories and are complete of sugars. Remain away from chips, microwave popcorn, and cereal bars.


Water is important to dropping fat and trying to keep it off. It also fills you up, so you do not come to feel so hungry and fall into temptation. Studies demonstrate that our brain typically sends a mixed single to our brain when we are thirsty, saying that we are really hungry. Try out consuming a big glass of water just before reaching for those peanuts. You may possibly be surprised to see that your nervousness to eat one thing speedily fades away.

Begin every day with a huge glass of water and drink water just before and throughout every meal. Keep away from consuming any kind of carbonated beverages or alcohol, as the two will leave you bloated and alcohol items this kind of a beer, do not do something to aid yo to attain your 6-pack but give you a beer stomach.

Tighten your abs

This is in which your Abs Stimulator will come into perform. It employs FDA approved technological innovation that has ben clinical proven to tone, firm and tighten your abs. It employs electrical muscle stimulation technological innovation that has been utilised by the health care local community for many years for stimulating bedridden individuals muscle tissue and stopping atrophy.

It works by sending an electronic impulse through your skin that causes your muscle to contract, just as it would with conventional exercise. The stimulation is 50 instances more powerful at offering you your 6-pack when compared to sit-ups and crunches.

All you require to do is attach your Abs Stimulator in accordance to the instructions on the package deal, decide on the intensity level and give your abs the best work out while you iron your clothes or walk the dog.

For best results, use at least four instances a week for 30 minutes every session. You will recognize results inside of the first two weeks of employing your device.

Keep energetic

Just due to the fact you are unable to do conventional sports activities or workouts, isn’t going to give you the excuse to turn into lazy. The more you move, the more calories you are going to burn up. Seem for options during the day to be energetic, this kind of as parking the auto more away so you have to walk to the retailer, climb the stairs, walk your dog more typically, and so on.

The more calories you burn up during the day, the faster you are going to burn up off that extra stomach unwanted fat and reveal your hidden 6-pack.

You can wear your Abs Stimulator while preforming these simple actions to give your bodily action an extra boost and maximize your workouts. You will soon have absolutely everyone asking you your secret to possessing a flatter, tighter midriff in a couple of weeks and you can honestly tell them that, “I haven’t been working out”.

products to gain muscle mass

The way of the products to gain muscle mass

There is a great list of products to gain muscle mass some of them are very effective and can also increase testosterone. The amino acids beta-alanine is combined with another amino acid, histidine, which forms carnosine. Research shows that when muscles have higher levels of carnosine, they have more strength and endurance. Carnosine appears to increase the ability of muscle fibers to contract more tightly and thus be longer without fatigue. Several studies reported increased muscle strength and energy in athletes who took beta-alanine. A recent study found that subjects taking beta-alanine and creatine gained more muscle mass and more body fat loss than subjects who took creatine alone.gain muscle mass workout routine

Types of products to gain muscle mass

Nitric oxide is a molecule found throughout the body that is involved in several processes. Bodybuilders are interested in its ability to dilate blood vessels, which allow more blood flow to the muscles for greater delivery of oxygen, nutrients, anabolic hormones and water. This gives you more energy during training, a bigger muscle pump and better muscle recovery and growth after training. Research has found that subjects of who received arginine increase muscle strength and growth and loss of body fat.

It is recommended to take a booster that provides 3-5 grams of arginine in the form of should be considered the boosters that provide ingredients such as citrulline, enol e and American ginseng, which enhance arginine’s ability to gain muscle mass and increase testosterone. Take one dose at each of the following times: in the morning before breakfast, 30 to 60 minutes before training, immediately after training and 30-60 minutes before bedtime. When possible, take each dose without food and consider combining with 500-1,000 mg of vitamin C.

Glutamine is an amino acid has been a favorite of bodybuilders for decades because it is important for muscle function and is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the human body. Glutamine provides numerous benefits, bodybuilding, such as helping muscle growth, increasing leucine levels in muscle fibers, helping to decrease muscle breakdown and boost the immune system, which helps prevent diseases. Glutamine taken before workouts can help decrease growth hormone levels, fatigue and increase muscle mass. In addition, recent studies show that glutamine may also play a role in fat loss by increasing the amount of calories and fat burned at rest and during exercise.

Many supplements have benefits and the ZMA supplement is a combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. It is an important supplement because it helps the training of athletes as bodybuilders as they are often deficient in these critical minerals, which are important to maintain hormone levels and help sleep which is essential for recovery. Intense training can compromise testosterone and IGF-1 levels.

male hormone

The male hormones the levels and type of testosterone

Testosterone is the main hormone that men have, it controls male physical characteristics. Women have testosterone too, but in much smaller amounts than in men. The male hormones regulates many parts of the body and plays a very important role. Testosterone helps to produce physical changes that make a boy into a man. This time of life is called puberty.

The brain and pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain control the production of testosterone. For many reasons, it can become testosterone and, too low. Less frequently, testosterone levels may be too high. When this hormone is not in balance, they can cause health problems. Ask your doctor if you should get a testosterone level to check if you have any problems. You can receive treatment to solve hormonal problems. Low levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can lead to decreased muscle and bone strength, less energy and lower fertility.male hormones are called

To measure your testosterone level, your doctor can order a blood test. The test must be done in the morning between 7:00 and 10:00. If the result is not normal, you must repeat the test to make sure the result is accurate. In healthy men, testosterone levels can change a lot day by day, so a second test may be normal.

Types of Male Hormone

There are still a lot of male hormones, some of them are androgens (AN-Polo-jenn): a male sex hormone, like testosterone. The hormone (HOR-mohn): a chemical in a gland in a part of the body. The hormone travels through the blood to another part of the body, where it helps Other cells do their job. Hypogonadism, a level or sperm count of low testosterone levels, or both.

There are also sex hormones: a hormone that affects and is made by reproductive organs and is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, such as facial hair in men.

Zinc is an essential nutrient for development during puberty, but its effects can keep male hormones in check throughout adulthood. Oysters are exceptionally high sources of mineral zinc, which can strengthen issues with low testosterone. The benefits of zinc to lower testosterone tend to be higher in men with moderate to severe zinc deficiencies.

Men may also have problems with the male hormone, and may also want to increase testosterone. You can follow a special diet such as consuming

An occasional serving of crab or lobster can increase rx24 testosterone booster.

As for the health of the male hormone, cereals can offer benefits more than you think. Kidney and black beans are all considered sources of vitamin D and zinc. Baked beans also offer these nutrients, but you will need additional sources in your daily diet., These foods are full of plant-based proteins that can protect the health of the heart.

diet to gain muscle mass

Diet to gain muscle mass and tone the body

Many of us do not like the idea of gaining body fat, even as few as a couple of pounds, building muscle requires an increase in calories; The key is to eat just enough to facilitate the process of gaining muscle but not so much that you add fat along with it. One way to do this is by controlling portion sizes at meals. For most meals they aim to get 40-60 grams of protein and 40-80 grams of carbohydrates. The meal plan should include carbohydrates and other foods, a diet should be done to gain lean muscle mass and also help increase to gain muscle mass and lose fat

Cheats and diet to gain muscle mass

Food time is the other key, when eating not only supports mass gain but also plays a key role in controlling body fat levels. If you are trying to gain only quality muscle mass, you should increase the size of your meals at breakfast and after training. These are the two times of the day when muscles crave more calories and nutrients at breakfast because you are nutritionally exhausted after a night’s sleep and after exercise because your stressed muscles are in dire need of replenishment to kick-start the process Recovery. Providing the body with a balanced diet and rich in carbohydrates, is a good way to increase muscle mass. Another great way an alternative to gain musclemass is the Ultimate Abs Stimulator.

One tip is you have to eat more to gain mass, but when you eat more you can determine if you will gain fat or muscle. If we stick to a large breakfast and a substantial post-training meal and you should divide the rest of the meals into smaller portions, you can increase your total calorie intake by ensuring that those extra calories go to your muscles when they need them.

Muscles require rest days to grow, but do not scarf the amount of carbohydrates to do on training days as the demand for carbohydrates can drop dramatically when you are inactive. This is where people often get into trouble – they continue to maintain a high carbohydrate intake on days that do not stick to the iron and do not burn through a lot of carbohydrates. The end result is an increase in unwanted body fat, especially around the lower back and lower abdomen.

The basis of the plan to increase lean muscle mass is to make the diet which provides an approximately equal amount of protein and carbohydrates for most meals. To eat six times a day to supply the body with critical nutrients, especially amino acids, to drive muscle growth, meal time focus on training and time of day. On training days, you get to eat more total carbohydrates (almost 2.5 grams per pound of body weight) and post-workout meal plus carbohydrates and protein to increase muscle mass.

suplements to gain muscle mass

The benefits of supplements to gain muscle mass

You can certainly add muscle simply by eating well and lifting weights. But to really maximize the growth potential, supplements are a requirement. There are many supplements to gain muscle mass, some of them very popular that can also help increase testosterone.supplements to gain muscle mass and lose fat

Types of supplements to gain muscle mass

Whey protein powder is one of the most popular, since whey tops the list of mass enhancement supplements because it is the most crucial for protein thrust synthesis. It has a milk protein that has a high level of branched chain amino acids, the serum is digested fast and reaches the muscles quickly to start building muscle. Whey also contains peptides that increase blood flow to the muscles. That is why it is always recommended to consume whey protein immediately after training.

To maximize its effects it is advised to take 20 grams of whey protein powder 30 minutes before exercising and take 40 grams in 60 minutes after training. You can also take 20-40 grams of whey immediately after waking up each morning. It is best to choose a whey powder containing whey protein hydrolysates this is a protein in smaller fragments that helps the digestion faster.

Another of the supplements to gain muscle is casein protein powder, is the other milk protein, casein, casein has always played a secondary role because of its very slow digestion rate, but this makes it ideal as a snack Before bed as it avoids catabolism while you sleep slowly and constantly emptying. Casein also makes you feel less complete, which is a great snack for those who want to increase muscle mass.

Casein stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins much like whey. It has even suggested a whey and casein protein shake taken after workout boosts muscle growth better than any protein taken alone.

This supplement is taken as the next way; you must choose a casein protein that contains 20-40 gr micellar casein. Just before going to sleep. After workouts, add 10-20 grams of casein to whey protein. Also, use 20-40 grams of casein in your protein shakes between meals.

Creatine is made up of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Anecdotal reports and scientific studies find that people who take creatine increase 5 kilograms plus their body weight. Creatine works very well, for example increases the amount of fast energy in muscles. Creatine also draws more water into muscle cells, placing a stretch in the cell that increases long-term growth. More recently, creatine increases insulin levels as a growth factor in muscles, which is critical to stimulating growth.