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how to control triglycerides

How to control your high triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a type of fat that mostly derived from animal foods. The recommended level of triglycerides is 150 mg / dL maximum, knowing that starting at 200 mg / dL doctors start to consider this a health problem. Too high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood can depend on your original situation, put your health at stake in a more or less severe way. The best way to improve your triglycerides is undoubted to change your eating habits and follow a healthy diet. There are several ways to remedy this problem, but the most important thing to remember is that you must do everything you can to lower your triglycerides to stay healthy. That’s why today, we offer some tips to regulate your triglyceride levels naturally.

how to control triglycerides

What are the causes of high triglycerides?

The main cause of excess triglycerides is overweight. In general, triglycerides are produced by the dietary fats that the body absorbs during different meals. They are preserved partly in adipose tissue. When a significant amount of fast sugar absorbed, the rapid liver damage recorded. An increase in weight is then noticed, then the body starts to produce new triglycerides. In this case, the elevation of triglyceride levels in the blood is inevitable. Thus, increased consumption of sweet food favors the production of triglycerides. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also a trigger for overproduction of triglycerides. In rare cases, the excess can be caused by a genetic predisposition. Diabetes and hypertension are also fairly common causes of excess triglycerides in the blood.

Some tips to reduce your triglycerides

To do this, simply increase your fiber intake by adding whole grain cereals or oats to your diet so that their fiber absorbs fat. Also, some vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, as well as some fruits such as apple or orange can also be good allies in your food rebalancing.

Reduce or eliminate bread, pasta, savory snacks, pastries, fried foods and alcohol that, in addition to providing no nutritional benefit to your health, tend to increase your lipid the blood. You can change these foods to full grain products, which is much more beneficial to your health.

To reduce your fat intake, it is also recommended cooking with grilling, barbecue or grill; steam can also be a good solution to cook your food without fat. You can also, and it is ideal, eat your raw food! In any case, avoid dishes in sauce, fried, as well as prepared dishes, breaded, or frozen. Finally, always remove fat from the meat and skin of the chicken.
Alcohol, for cases of high triglycerides, is not recommended unless it is a single glass of red wine consumed during the meal which will be beneficial to your cardiovascular. Likewise, if you smoke, try to stop this dangerous habit of bringing about radical and beneficial changes to your body’s condition in general.

From a dietary and nutritional point of view, it would also be wise to consult a nutritionist so that he can best advise you on creating a balanced diet that suits your health, especially if you suffer from overweight or obesity. But in the meantime, be sure to eat smaller portions and do not fill your plates, avoid snacking before going to bed, and prefer to snack healthy and balanced snacks between meals.

Moderate sports practice is an essential part of your triglyceride regulation process. You can start with walking three times a week, and progress over time by increasing the intensity of the exercises by your current physical condition. Only 20 or 30 minutes are enough, but do not forget to vary the physical activities that can be real sports like dancing, cycling or even the exercise bike; or everyday activities like climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, cleaning your house, mowing the lawn, washing the car, etc.


What is Testosterone, the benefits and how increase the level of it

Athletes or people who exercise often have better testosterone levels than other people. People with obesity tend to have very low testosterone levels, but this is because of body formation, which contains large fat deposits and also has a sedentary lifestyle. To know what testosterone is first you must know the effects that this element produces in the body of man and the benefits it gives in health.increase testosterone

Testosterone plays a balding role in tissues and in the production of sexual characteristics and also in the growth of body hair, in general health such as muscle mass and also bone structure. With a high level of testosterone you can avoid a number of diseases such as cardiovascular, because when the rates are high and helps avoid cholesterol and muscle mass helps to burn fat more easily.

How increase testosterone

For some men to have high testosterone levels they should exercise every day, and have an active life. From the 30 years is when testosterone levels begin to decrease and the man begins to have some health problems, somewhat mild, but over time can become serious, especially when you reach adulthood, And is accompanied by other health problems.

Zinc is one of the most important elements and plays a prominent role in increasing testosterone, for this reason that many people usually include in their daily diet this element, in their diet. Often zinc is present in oysters, seafood, and in many vegetables and especially grains and cereals. A diet rich in fish and oysters will increase the rates of testosterone and improve man’s health.

Men often seek to increase testosterone, but in addition to having a diet rich in zinc, and other minerals, many men also resort to other methods such as the use of supplements that help increase testosterone. But before you should consult a doctor what is the best way to increase testosterone in the body and in this way improve health.

When testosterone increases in the body it also increases muscle mass. Testosterone is highly anabolic and in this way man increases muscle mass. With anabolic steroids helps to increase testosterone however can bring consequences or side effects very negative for human health.

Increasing testosterone naturally is possible, but it may take a few longer than if the person uses other synthetic techniques or methods, such as supplement use, or anabolic. Doing high impact exercise and strength regularly can increase testosterone and also prevent obesity. Always consult a physician before starting to consume products or anabolics.